Third Year: Good Rabbit Texture

My toy rabbit has to have the same type of style like the monster rabbit. So I’ve decided on the same grey/white. But not to make it dirty but just placed like patches. I shall have fur, still bumping.  Instead of the knitted design I Shall look into fur alphas.

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With this fur alphas that i have gotten from ZBrush Central I tried at how they would look.

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I like number 4 and 3 as they have more of a stretched out surface area. and I don’t think I would like all of my model to be placed with fur. As it’s not that dense in the mesh for it to be all over my rabbit.

Toy Rabbit Zbrush

I have only placed the fur detail on where I though it would be needed. And where the fur is I have placed the darker grey over to make the fur pop out.




Third Year: Monster Rabbit Fur

Still keeping with the bump mapping. i shall texture my  evil rabbit in ZBrush. I shall be using this style for the rabbit. As It’s very short and ragged.

Finished rabbit in ZBrush.

The finished texture looks very skeleton in the face from the shading that I have placed. I did places of grey and dark to symbolise the dirt form being in the cupboard for so long. It looks very creepy to me which is what I did inspire to create.

Zbrush Evil rabbit

Third Year: Fur for Teddy

Experimenting with fur in Maya.

With the Maya fur you can’t really decide where the fur is going to go it’s all very outward. And just looks hard not a soft texture.

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Experimenting with Fibermesh in ZBrush.

Looking at the length coverage and twist plus segmentation and the scale of roots and tips and morph target.  The Problem although this is what I would like my teddy to look like a long and fluffy. I’m afraid the vertices are up to 72 thousand with all the fibres on the bear.  So I might just use this for the final render of my teddy for the show reel. To say this is what my design was like but to render that in my animation would take months. Which is time that I haven’t got and my computer would just deny me by crashing.

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Experiment Knitted Effect With ZBrush

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Looking into types of drawn styles that I could draw on my teddy. I really like the knitted design that I  have drawn. Whilst talking to my Lecture Robert He said about of the use of bump mapping in Maya and alpha in Zbrush as it shall be quicker and easier to achieve then individually drawing on my model.

Alpha in ZBrush.

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These are the negative images that I had taken from Eugene Fokin. Which i had experimented with in ZBrush. I Looked into what would be the best pattern to use on my model.

The Alpha Bump Mapping

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This is what the alphas came out as on my sphere in zbrush. I had to look at what was seamless. To fit together on my model. A few were able to seem together fine. But only one really gave me that knitted design that I wanted.

Placing the map onto my model.

textrure zbrush teddy

Then to export the bump mapping and colour separately. as an fbx file and add onto my Maya model. I like how the knitted pattern make my bear look soft and vulnerable.



Third Year: Story Beats

The bear is restless – set-up

We show this with a contrasting opening | the toys are all still as if asleep, but the final toy, the bear, is shown turning from side to side in bed | A clock strikes 12 and the bear rests on its back with an ugh |

ACTION: the bear will toss on one side to the other then lay on his back and swing his arms up and bring them back down with force whilst sighing.

                                                CAMERA: low angle shots (height of a toy), slow pan right from the start (slow is more a creeping notion), creep up the bed onto the bear laying there. On bears movement onto its back, cut to a 45* angle looking down upon the bear looking back up (a medium shot gives us full view of the bear, a hint of the person to his right, and the amount of space around him)

The bear is scared by the unknown

We show this with the bear having little in the way of protection from the dark that consumes the rest of the bedroom, only held back from the bed by two lit candles either side.

ACTION: The Bear stands up to look at the two candles to see the light. Turning his head towards both candles. (change this to have the bear just look down into the darkness, he can glimpse at the candle or whatever)

CAMERA: on bear looking down into darkness, switch to over the shoulder view of bears perspective, hold for a few silent seconds, cut to shot from the darkness looking back at bear, low angle (sell the impression something is looking back at him, you could contrast the darkness with the light from the candle)

The bear has no control over its safety

The candles flicker as scratching noises come from the nearby cupboard and the room is completely dark for a few seconds, the bear cowers in fright with the girl, but she doesn’t respond—she’s fast asleep. The scratches keep coming and the bear is left alone, it looks to its palm, on it, some initials. Comforted by the sight it looks at the girl.

ACTION: Candles flicker, Scratching Noise. Darkness. The bear quickly turns his head and cuddles up to the girl with his head in the blanket. The light turns back on and the bear lifts his head and turns around with his back on the girl. His lifts his head and sees the initials and then turns his head to look at the girl and places his hand on to her. Then closes his eyes.


CAMERA: On flicker the bear sits up, camera has cut closer to show the reaction of the bear. If the light flickers out, some moonlight can still let us see the bear in the darkness as its crawls backwards towards the safety of the girl. Cut to close up of the bear cowering, what little light there is could be shown on its face. On return of light have the camera more out (basically the distance of the camera gives a sense to the dominance of the bear verses the dark) On looking at initials hold on the bear looking at it, then cut in for a close of said initials.


The bear gets that fight or flight instinct

The bear looks to the child but no response, it looks to the cupboard where the noise is coming from. It crawls along the bed to edge and peeks over the frame (its undecided still on what to do, moving closer to the fear while also trying to remain in the safety of its bed.

ACTION:  A scratching sound again make the teddy look towards the cupboard. It starts to lead with its foot tip toeing then to crawling along the bed. Then peering over the frame.

CAMERA: have same shot reverse shot from before, over the shoulder of the bear into the darkness, the darkness looking back. Reaction shot of bear looking to child, cut to the back of the child—no response (just a brick wall so to speak). Cut back to the over the shoulder as the bear crawls away to the edge of the bed (its leaving the safe zone), as it gets closer to the other side switch to darkness shot. On peeking over cut to close up on the other side of the frame as the eyes peer over. Then view into darkness from perspective of bear.

The bear is forced into its decision – turning point

A loud thump on the cupboard door startles the bear off the bed onto the floor—it can’t get back up. With no choice, it creeps over to the cupboard and sees the door slightly ajar from the thump.

ACTION: The bear leans up and over the frame to try and get a better look at the cupboard. When the cupboard moves and thumps. (like a cartoony jump) to which the bear shall jump and fall of the frame. (Like a role poly). He falls flat on his face, and slowly gets himself up and rubs his head. He looks up at the bed, jumping to try and get back on the bed. Another Thumb he spins around towards the cupboard.

CAMERA: Have a medium wide for the fump so we can clearly see the bear jump in fright and fall. On hitting the ground close up on face shot. Hold as it climbs to its feet. As the bear is tryin to climb back up continue that previous shot from the darkness, have the bear look back at every now and then. On second fump, close up on bears reaction as it spins round, hold for a second then give a perspective shot of the cupboard. Not sure what angle to view from upon it heading to said cupboard.

The bear has second and third thoughts

The bear looks to its palm and the initials written on it. With little choice it reaches and slowly tugs the door open further, it swings open with a creak and the reveal of slight scratches against the inside sticks the bear to the spot with fright.

ACTION:  The teddy shall turn its head to the palm of his hand place his head down and then shall close his eyes and shall place his hand over his heart. Whilst the other hand shall reach to the door and slowly tug it open. Which then the door shall creak open.  Showing the teddys expression by staring from the bottom up.

CAMERA: have low angle shots from behind the bear, the cupboard looms over it. On looking at the initials, shot of bear and what its looking at, close up on initials. Close up of paw of cupboard door, pull out as the door swings open. Reaction shot of bear as it opens, bear will reach out—cut camera to watch its reaching for, the scratches.

The bear meets its fear

Deep inside the cupboard a shadow of a creature slowly looms over the bear—the bear backs up onto its arse and crawls away to the safety of the underneath of the bed cuddling next to a leg. The creature creeps from within the cupboard and smells the air—it suddenly startles across the room on all fours to behind cover. Occasionally peeking out with its nose to sniff the air.

ACTION: from the bear starting up he shall lift his arms in a shocking motion and wave his arms backwards and fall onto his butt. To which he then butts crawls backwards towards the bed not keeping his eyes of the wardrobe. The evil rabbit with then slowly creep out of the wardrobe. Placing his arms out first then followed by his whole body. Then fast pacing towards the room.

CAMERA: low angle from behind the bear as it looks at the scratches, but frame it on the interior of the cupboard, the bear doesn’t notice as a the shadow of the rabbit slowly looms over it, music—if any—begins to rise. As the bear is about to notice cut to reaction shot of it close up turning its head, then cut back to the rabbit looming over. Reaction shot of bear, it looks to its right, then cut as it runs back. Close up on bear hiding as it looks at the cupboard, perspective shot of cupboard, the rabbit will peer out, smell, then dart off, on its swift movement cut to bears reaction as it hides again.

The bear confronts its fear

The bear steps out from under the bed, and stands between the creature and the bed itself (camera looking up on the bear to cover most of the frame to reinforce it is now chosen to protect the bed).

ACTION: the bear stands up on the corner of the bed. Back to the frame hanging on with his arms. The creature scruttles around the room to underneath the bed then he sniffs once more, noticing the bear, and then slowly hops out from behind cover to the centre of the room and looks up at the bear—the light separates the bear from the complete darkness the creature is sitting in


The bear is rewarded for its determination – climax


ACTION: The creature timidly extends a paw into the light, and we see hints of a dirty fluffy toy hand, some initials written on the palm. The bear pauses on the hand, then slowly lifts its own to reveal the same initials. The creature looks to the hand and then at the face of the bear, and slowly lowers from its hind legs. With two shorts hops it steps out into the light, revealing it as a worse for wear, but one eyed fluffy bunny.





Potential Ending #1

The bear cleans up the bunny, patting it down.  The bear removes a button from its body and sows into the bunnies.

Potential Ending #2

The two hold each other’s hands | Match cut – The bunny pulls the bear up onto the bed.





Third Year: Remodelled Characters.

Re-modeling my Evil Rabbit: I have made the ears look more like rabbit ears but still kept them at a low angle. I have made the head more rounded to look like the Nice Rabbit. The hands have just become stumps as the claws were a bit to much.

evil rabbit turnaround

The girl: I have just remodelled her head shape and made sections of hair instead of the block. The nose I had taken off as you won’t see her face.

Child turnaround

Third Year: Presentation

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The feedback that I had received is that my child needed her head reshaped as she looks more like a toddler than a small child due to the big head. Plus maybe model her hair in strands than in a block. And have her nose reshaped as it looks more like a fin.

With my teddy they asked why he had such long limbs and I said it was because I wanted it to be ‘rag doll’ look. Which I did explain afterwards that the Victorian era did she a lot of knitted rag doll toys. To go within my theme.

My Evil rabbit: My Evil rabbit they really like the long skinny limbs and the look of the starvation. Plus the Tim Burton button eyes. But they thought that the head was misshapen they suggested maybe a realistic animal skeletal head. Which i disagreed with because it would look straight to all my low poly modelling style. But I agreed to change the head as it reminded me of a triangle. So I shall try and make it more rounded.

They liked my story and hoped they would be able to see a more detailed version and a storyboard. But Overall I had great feedback and have achieved a lot in these past few weeks.