Promo Idea Poster


  • To get the audience to know about your short film you need not to show all of your film but to advertise it.
  • A poster is showing the image of what you are going to show in your film all complied onto one image. Leaving the audience to guess what is going to happen. This is okay when your film has had previous advertisement so your audience will be looking for posters.
  • I’m going to follow in the style of Mario Bava. And have a set of coloured posters that set the tone of the movie.
  • Going from the start of a scene to the end. Seeing the change that the mirror has.


 Here are my posters originals from Maya and the edited versions from Photoshop. 

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Promo Research

I knew that I wanted to do some horror short horror. I was stuck on what it would be about. Story wise and the type of animation what would I be focusing on the environment? the horror? or the characters?

I had decided to write everything down and to keep ideas open. Surely one would keep coming back and resurfacing.


Promo Idea + Essay

With my essay I had looked at a lot of different styles of types of horror films. And i also had to reference properly.

Using the Harvard style referencing and the use of Cite this website. Also adding citations of what parts where referenced from which reference.

The structure of my essay as well.

The Core of the Animation

The Horror

The setting




Structure to Horror



Camera Work

The sound effects

Why and how to get your work in front of them?

My target audience.

Why horror






Project Live Brief – Evaluation + Final animation

The deadline for the clients is different from the university.

So we have the end to just complete for the clients and record the kids voices fort he animation which shall be completed in a week.

The animation is very clear and cut. The visuals do not overpower the script with the information.  Though could be a lot more slower on some parts which we shall sort out for the clients.

Teamwork was awesome as not one argued we had split up roles and responsibilities. always checking on each other making sure one was not behind or struggling. If someone needed help we would come together as a team.


Project Live Brief – Script 2

The scenes opens on a PARENT, the accompanying CHILD, and a DOCTOR all standing within a reception room. A mature, but younger sounding voice speaks in the Voice Over (V.O).



We are inviting you to help us in this research for treatment of chronic constipation. In this study we are going to see how long food will take to go through your body. If you are interested in taking part please feel free to book an appointment.


Throughout we see the Doctor writing on a pad, talking with Parent and Child as they nod and agree in return.



You will start off with a discussion of what’s happening along with questionnaires to understand the quality of your life and consent from your parent or guardian.



The Doctor turns and reaches her hand towards the desk behind her, the camera zooming in with her movements onto what she is taking.



Then you shall be able to take your 24 mini capsules.


The camera begins zooming in towards the hand. As it closes, the Doctor’s hand swipes away the lid of the container revealing a handful of small capsules sat within. Going even further until a small number of capsules are dominating the view–they bob up and down, happy, smiling faces on each. Against 20p pence that appears for size comparison.


As each bob up and down small dimension appear around them reading: 8mm in height, 4mm in width.


The handful of capsules begin to drop, landing a second later in yogurt.



They can be taken with any of the following options…



The recognisable shape of a yogurt pot materialises along the top, encased in a green circle.



A glass of water appears next to the yogurt and the yogurt with the capsules also changes.


Or anything else like juice…

A glass of juice joins the water and yogurt, and the fluids once again change.




You are not expected to swallow in the whole group of 24 at once; you can take one at a time, or in groups that are more manageable. After swallowing them you shall wait in the waiting room for 4 hrs. Where you have wifi games and books.



The capsules once again begin to fall– into the child’s mouth then into the throat of the child coming up to consume them as they enter the esophagus, which is dominating the background.




You wait this long for the mini capsules to go through to your small intestines



The capsules slowly materialise into a pattern on fabric.


The camera pans out to reveal the Child now in multi-patterned scrubs once again with the Doctor and Parent, a closed door sits to the right of the room.



Before the scan starts you will be asked to wear metal free scrubs and remove any metal such as…



A handful of rings and jewellery appear with a red bar going over: like how in a no smoking sign.



One pennies and two pennies form, another bar cutting through.


And mobile phones…

A mobile phone, headphones plugged in follow.


The Doctor gestures through the door and the camera follows, the MRI machine sitting to the right, the Child within it. The Doctor then walks through the door and enters the room with the MRI.



When you are in the MRI, we’ll begin: the mini-capsules help us to track within your digestive system, and learn what we can.


The Doctor looks at her pad and nods in agreement as she examines the MRI.


This itself is probably the quickest part–

The camera begins zooming in on the MRI, it materialising into a clock with just the big hand–set on 0.


–in just 10 to 15 minutes the scan is complete.


(the hand ticks down quickly to the 15 minutes mark)


The clock materialises into the hand of the Doctor.


The Child’s hand clasps the Doctors, and they begin to shake hands as the camera pulls out. They are revealed to be back in the office at the beginning. Each aforementioned picture frame in the background contains the main points of what was explained, their animations playing out within the constraints of the frame.




After the scan you will be given another 2 sets of 24 mini capsules to be taken while at home over the next 2 days, this must be done under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

After, you will come back for another short scan.


At this point, you are more than free to withdraw from the study, unless you are happy to continue.


If you are happy to continue, we will provide you 3 more pots of the 24 mini capsules and some final questionnaires to take home.

To repeat the process again

Then your part in the study is complete. You shall receive an amazon voucher as a thank you.



The shot closes with everything materialising into credits referencing the people and necessary companies/organisations involved.